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2017 Alpha Emora VTS Concept


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This is the all new Alpha VTS concept, for 2017. This car integrates the work of Alpha's design and engineering, including some of Delta's personal "tweaks". The car has now grown in terms of both design and size, as its predecessor was a badge-engineered Viva VT3.

The engine ranges now consists of an all-new unit which both Alpha and Delta engineered, a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder 20-valve engine with 175 horsepowers, coupled with an electric motor from Delta's stocks, which adds 40 horsepowers more. Overall, it produces 280NM of torque, and so it does 0-100KM/H in just 6.5 seconds, and flat-out, it would do 150MPH.

The electric motor gets its energy from some 2000 batteries stored low down in the center of the car, and is charged by the petrol engine and the car’s braking system. Not to forget, it would also be featuring Delta’s “signature dish”, their “Precision-Drive” system. The system has been upgraded as well, and this upgrade would also be featured in some of Delta’s upcoming new cars. Not only it allows the car to swerve away from any oncoming accident, it now stops the car from an oncoming blockade.

The car also has a 5-star safety rating for all collisions. Interior-wise, it comes with a choice of beige leather-wrapped interior with white upholstery, or jet-black leather with sporty red upholstery. In terms of entertainment, an interactive computer will be housed in the center console with a 6” screen. It now allows the driver to monitor his/her miles per gallon count, the number of electricity being generated by the electric motors, or the amount of electricity captured by the motors.

It would also come with a set of standard equipment, such as satellite navigation, and internet connectivity. The car now comes with 12 airbags in total, four would be placed at the dashboard, four in each doors, and four for the rear passengers. Its production model would be mildly redesigned, and would also be badged as a Delta Emora.

It would come in three variants, the S-Spec standard, the premium R-Spec, and the high performance RS-Spec, which would feature a twin-turbocharged 2.9V6 hybrid which produces 500HP. Prices will range from a moderate RM129,500 to RM640,500 for the performance model. This car is actually made by one of my friends whose name is “Drazzey” or Sean Choy, and I’ve totally redesigned it. I started modeling this in March and forgot about it, until this month. Please leave a like and maybe drop a comment or two. More models to come! 

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