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SketchUp: create 3D models in the browser


Previously, costly programs were needed to create and design 3D models. Today, a browser is enough: Anyone can create their own 3D models for free.
If you want to create realistic 3D models, you no longer need expensive software: For many purposes, visiting is all you need. The developers of the 3D software SketchUp now also offer the tool in a browser version - and it's free.

Using the intuitive interface and the functions in the left bar, users create and combine geometrically correct structures, creating individual buildings, entire streets or entire cities. The tools help to ensure that shapes and lines always have the correct orientation and proportion. For example, rectangles can be turned into cuboids with just a few mouse movements, which in turn can become houses with roof, windows and doors in just a few clicks.

What material the surfaces consist of, what color they have, whether the objects cast a shadow and other settings, the user specifies the tools in the right sidebar. Many ready-made templates from the provider's online repertoire can also be loaded, used and modified directly here.

If you want to save your model and later complete it or continue on another computer, you must first create a user account. All work is linked to this account and stored in the cloud. They can also be loaded into the desktop application SketchUp, which offers even more functions and can be extended via plug-ins. For a pure web app already has a considerable range of functions and tools to create professional 3D objects without installation directly in the browser.