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Discover the Modern Architecture of Michigan by Frank Lloyd Wright, Zaha Hadid, Eero Saarinen, and Others


Gregor and Elizabeth Affleck House

a wood-paneled living room with low chairs and windows along one side
Jim Haefner

American icon Frank Lloyd Wright designed this raised Usonian home for Gregor and Elizabeth Affleck, the former of whom grew up near the architect’s hometown of Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum

a modern metal and glass building with a sharp, triangular roofline

Blac Chyna Designs Her Dream Home

a white, cubic modern house on a hill surrounded by trees

Inspired by Richard Meier’s Smith House in Connecticut, the Douglas family commissioned the architect to design this private retreat on a hillside in the Michigan woods.

Linda Dresner House

a modern cubic concrete building with minimal landscaping around it

Steven Sivak designed this Brutalist landmark, his firm’s first project working with poured concrete, in a neighborhood filled with Tudor-style homes.

Melvyn Maxwell and Sara Smith House

a wood and glass house with several setbacks surrounded by trees

Another Wright project (he drafted more than 70 homes in the state, with less than half being built), this house has grounds designed by landscape architect Thomas Church.

W. Hawkins Ferry House

a low-slung modern white house with a lawn around it and modern art inside

W. Hawkins Ferry was a prominent modern and contemporary art collector and an architecture buff who wrote several books on the topic. He had William Kessler design this house for him in 1964.

General Motors Technical Center

a modern lobby space with low black chairs and sofas and a wall of windows opposite a staircase

This one-square-mile campus outside Detroit was Eero Saarinen’s first claim to fame. His father, Eliel, began the project but passed away before it was completed.

Cranbrook Educational Community

a wood-paneled den with a large fireplace and geometric textiles
Jim Haefner

The Cranbrook Educational Community didn’t just produce impressive artists and designers; it is itself a work of art. Eliel Saarinen designed the campus.

McGregor Memorial Conference Center

a two-story modern white complex behind a reflecting pool
Jim Haefner,Jim Haefner

With this structure, Minoru Yamasaki developed the New Formalism style of architecture, which blends luxurious modernism with classical elements.

Michigan Consolidated Gas Company Building

a double-height lobby with white marble and glass walls

This Detroit office building, Yamasaki’s first skyscraper, was designed as part of Eero Saarinen’s master plan for the city.

Robert and Barbara Schwartz House

a modern living room with low white couches and a wall of glass
Marion Laney

Robert E. Schwartz built his domed, open-plan house out of Styrofoam.

Dorothy Turkel House

Jim Haefner

After reading Wright’s book The Natural House, Dorothy Turkel commissioned him to design her Usonian home, Detroit’s only house by the architect.