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How to insert 3D objects created with SketchUp in BIM software


The main advantage of this application is to be able to use powerful tools to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes in a simple and intuitive way. These tools allow to accelerate the modeling process and customize the objects from the choice of materials to the impact of natural light on them.

A tool of this type is a good help for the creation of new objects to be inserted in a BIM design thanks also to its ease of use. Edificius , the BIM architectural design software, offers the possibility of enriching the architectural design through integration with SketchUp.

Create a custom 3D object with SketchUp

It is possible to create an object with SketchUp using the 3D model of Edificius as reference.

From the 3D model in Edificius we  select the objects to be used as reference in SketchUp that can be started from the specific menu option.

In SketchUp we can make the 3D object using all the graphic tools available.

Once the change is finished, leaving SketchUp, the object is automatically inserted in the drawing and in the project library as 3D Block.

Modify a custom object with SketchUp

In Edificius we are going to select the 3D object that must be changed and start the integration with SketchUp.

We change the 3D object using the available tools. After the change, we will leave SketchUp.

Edificius allows us to update only the selected object or also all the same objects. All changes made to the object are also included in the Project Library 

Change a 3D block of the Project BIM objects library with SketchUp

In the BIM Project Library of Project we will select the object and we will make the change with SketchUp. 
When you close SketchUp, the object is updated.