Find your favorite models in the 3D SketchUp Gallery


Better navigation
If you're not exactly sure what you're looking for, let 3D Warehouse search for you. Start with an "empty search", select a category, watch the update of search results and get inspired.
 Refined search
The quality of the search results depends on the text the author uses to describe his model. In some cases, the description does not match at all with the content and searching can be like finding a needle in a haystack ... Do not click! Narrow your search with categories
Selecting a category helps filter the models that are not related to the description.
 Classification by subcategory
If you know exactly what you need, refine your search even more by selecting a subcategory.
 Filter by real world products
Do you need to look for 3D models that can be purchased? Enter the "Manufacturer Model" filter. Ready! It's time to go shopping.
The Manufacturer Model filter saves you time when you try to find products that you can actually buy.
 Help improve ... Categorize your models

The categorization in the 3D Warehouse is starting ... And you can help improve it! As a first step, we hope you categorize your models as you load them in the 3D Warehouse. It is easy!
The categorization of your model makes people enjoy browsing and looking for models. In addition, it gives you a better chance to be in front of the right audience.
The categories make it much easier to find great content in the 3D Warehouse, even when titles and descriptions are missing, or in a language different from yours.
For design professionals, the Categories will make browsing the content much more efficient and fun. And, if you are a manufacturer or retailer that you want your products to show to design professionals and consumers, we hope you make 3D Warehouse a categorical imperative for 2019.
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