Instant Roof RBZ SketchUp 2018 - Generate roofs in seconds


Although we know SketchUp is a program where the user can model 3D designs to express ideas in architectural visualization, in this opportunity I will report Instant Roof, which is a plugin that allows to make roofs with two waters of different models.


With this extension we will be able to make instant ceilings in a blink of an eye. The extension is free as it also has a paid version as it offers a variety of roof models.

By having this plugin allows the user to make roof models instantly this allows you to save time designing. Find out how to install this plugin in SketchUp 2017/2018/2019.


Instant Roof SketchUp Plugin 2017/2018/2019

Where to add instant roof? It is a plugin that is hosted in the SketchUp extension store, that's where all the specifications it offers are. It is a plugin where you can perform much more detailed work on Dutch and American rooftops, among others.

It is a very simple extension to use and above all it facilitates the work of being modeling complex roofs.


How Instant Roof works in SketchUp

To install this extension is very simple to perform, since the file is in RBZ. If you do not know yet how to add plugins in SKP you must follow this tutorial to the letter. It should be noted that this step that is performed also works for Instant Roof.

Tool that is very convenient to have hosted in the program because it allows you to create objects with just one click and this facilitates saving time in a modeling.


Is Instant Roof compatible with all SKP versions?

To house Intant Roof SKP 2018? It is not compatible. It has a version where it allows work with much more detail of finishes and designs. The information of the plugin and the price you can find its official page.

In its official website we will find the features that this plugin gives us and how to use and edit their materials.


Features and novelties of Instant Rof

  • You can create complex roofs in a matter of seconds.
  • You can create eaves, beams, roofs, roofs of different designs.
  • One of the advantages is that you can create your own roof to your style and taste.
  • It has the option to export and import ceiling styles predefined by the user.
  • Choose roof styles according to the need that your project requires.
  • One of the great novelties that this plugin has is that its finishes are of quality and a good design.
  • Includes Cad fixative
  • You can add materials depending on your design.
  • You must have access to the internet to execute the Script

These are some of the features and new features that this plugin can give us when installing in SketchUp.


Questions about Instant Roof

Many people do not know how this tool works and you do not have previous knowledge for it, I will leave a series of answers that will help answer your questions. If for some reason you can not install the Plugin just leave your comment that I will be answering your problem.

What is Instant Roof and how does it work?

It is a plugin that allows to roofs to two waters in seconds and in addition you will be able to create your own style of roof and covers. It works from SketchUp 2018 with fewer versions.

By having this plugin you can perform jobs with much more worked and better structural destalles.

Does it work on Windows and Mac?

You can install Windows and Mac computers since it is optimized for the two softwares. Its installation for the two systems are different since in Mac it has a software different from Windows.


To know how to install the extension in Windows 7/8/10 you should only see the tutorial I'm leaving in the blog.

Problems and failures Instant Roof SOLUTION?

  • It does not work in SketchUp 2019: At the moment the plugin is not working in this version of SKP since it is not adapted.
  • The plugin does not respond: If you have this problem you must uninstall the extension and then reinstall, so the problem will be in the background.
  • You can not add materials: It is necessary to know that the faces are not inverted.
  • The license or activator does not work: This happens when you use a crack, for this you must buy a legal license from your own website.
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