News from SketchUp Pro 2019


Undoubtedly the biggest novelty is the way in which users can enjoy SketchUp, not only with a permanent license but also the subscriptions arrive a new way that will allow to have the same possibilities with annual renewal thus losing the ownership of the permanent license (now called Classical), in the words of SketchUp "We believe that this is the best way to provide more value to our users in a single package.", we will have to see how it evolves and how new and current users adapt to this change.

Speaking of the internal news of the program, the first thing that must be said is that when we open the program we see a change, before we accessed an "avoidable" welcome window, now we have it obligatory since the first thing that we will ask is a Trimble account. If you do not have it, you create it and there is no SketchUp.
Once identified, this sale will not appear again and will show you "always" the welcome screen for you to select template or any of the recent files in which you have worked.
Regarding tools, we only need to comment that layer management has changed and as a novelty SketchUp now allows us to assign different line types based on those layers to create a different display style to what we could now do.
The Measure tool now allows us to show the coordinates of each vertex on which we put the mouse, a minor novelty that does not add excessive functionality to everyday work.



As a novelty in 2019, LayOut will let you know what files are already open so you do not create several versions.

In addition, both in SketchUp and LayOut, a large number of improvements have been incorporated, the import and export function .dwg. Including compatibility with the AutoCAD 2018 file format, greater accuracy and stability while minimizing data loss.


The possibility of importing and exporting applied textures to improve BIM interoperability and workflows.

The link protocol between SketchUp and LayOut has been improved by creating an 'Export for SketchUp' function, the .dwg exporter that sends all the LayOut entities together with the data from the SketchUp graphic window to the model space. Now, any filled shape created in LayOut will be passed to SketchUp as a ready face to be extruded. So now, SketchUp and LayOut work even better together.

Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect welcomes a new world of efficient and collaborative workflows in the cloud that is none other than the document management and 3D models sharing tool, Trimble Connect focuses specifically on design-related projects and the construction of buildings.

SketchUp viewer for AR / VR

SketchUp Viewer is available in more virtual reality viewers than ever before! And, you have access to each and every one with a subscription to SketchUp Pro. Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, VIVE and Hololens run SketchUp Viewer.


Are you working in a company that focuses on performance-based design? Now you can get Sefaira as a subscription through SketchUp Studio. This option is not currently available in Spain .

As you see little about the use of SketchUp, a little more of LayOut and a lot of newness in terms of the types of License.

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