News SketchUp Pro 2019: News Windows and Mac OS


One of the great novelties SketchUp Pro 2019 is that it has much more advanced tools and above all also the style of the main screen has changed. Let's review how much this latest version offers to see if it is favorable or not.


For every update that SPK makes, it astonishes us with the changes it makes, since it adds new, much more functional tools that allow the program to be more complete in its use. It is a software where we will be able to create, design architectural volumes in 3 Dimensions.

Now I will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages that the PRO version offers us and how much it contributes to the user.


Changes of SketchUp PRO 2019

What with news SketchUp PRO 2019 ? In this new version of SketchUp 2019 has very remarkable changes both in its design of its platform or work as improvements in its operating system. The interface that manages is much cleaner and tidier and even has improvements in Layout.

The load is much faster both for entering and for importing objects. The changes are much more worked out so that you have many better 3D projects.


Many users criticize this latest update without having first used the program. The modifications made are well defined and 100% functional.

Latest news SketchUp Pro 2019

Start window

In previous versions the main window always looked the same, but in this latest update that has changed and for good. We're going to see a learning section, have a SketchUp forum, view videos from SketchUp and the SPK Campus.


Line styles

It allows you to add a line style directly in SktechUp to control the layer. There are many styles of lines from the standard to the points. One of the advantages is that these line styles do not work in section cuts.

Improvement in tape measurement

In this tool it has improved a lot since now you can see the length of a line, the area of ​​a face and the height of a reference (coordinates). It is an improvement that in fact already should have been added a long time ago.


Filling section

In the previous versions when a face was hidden the section filling tool would not act automatically, but in SKP PRO 2019 this change since when a face is hidden it will be automatically filled.


Import and export DWG / DXF

Before I had the error to import and export SketchUp 2018 jobs but with this new improvement the problem ended. You can export files in DWG / DXF if no problem.

Now we can design in 2D and then export to SKP to track your model.

You can control the line style

The style of lines you assigned to SketchUp can be changed in the design to then manipulate the scale of the line. This change is phenomenal because it allows the user to have control of the line thicknesses.

Improved blocking of files Design

Having this new improvement is amazing, now we can open files that are blocked and make changes in the design and help protect your files.

You can control the speed of the mouse (Zoom)

Now you can configure the speed of the mouse both to zoom in and out, this allows you to control the commands.

SketchUp 2019 for Windows and Mac OS

This latest update was launched a very short time ago and you can download and install it on Windows and Mac OS since it has a Beta version that allows you to have a trial for 30 days. If you want to have a legal license (activator) you must buy the program to use it for life or for a few years.

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