Undet (Point clouds) for SketchUp 2019


Just released today the latest version of UNDET for SketchUp with new features and with the possibility of using it in the latest version of SketchUp (v.2019).

The great novelties are two mainly, on the one hand the option of creating SketchUp scenes in which the cloud of points is included and by extension the possibility of exporting the animation including this cloud and the second one is to be able to use UNDET in the last SketchUp version (and apparently with enough stability).

To be able to use scenes with the included point cloud you must first create the scene in SketchUp and then press the add scene button of UNDET, this is the only requirement, the other icons of the new toolbar are used to eliminate scene from undet , export animation and visualize the animation within SketchUp (play).


At the time of exporting the animation we will open a window where we can define the number of frames per second (up to 30) and the quality with a remarkable surprise because it allows up to 4K.


From there the program will only export images in png format that we will then have to mount in a video editing program or similar to obtain the definitive video, you can see an example of an animation created with undet for SketchUp in the following video.


Another new feature is the possibility to send the image created with a cloud of points included to LayOut, which can be more than positive when it comes to designing information for the presentation of work at a professional level.


Although we must also say that the export only generates a .layout file that includes an image and not the model with the point cloud included which would be the really positive, it is true that we can directly export the views with the included cloud from SketchUp but it's nothing we could not do with a normal export from SketchUp itself. Undoubtedly, the next step will be to include the point cloud in the SketchUp model within LayOut.


There are also corrections of problems found in previous versions and some minor innovations such as the one that allows to hide, show or isolate a specific scan by clicking with the right mouse button on the UNDET option.


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