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Welcome to the party, Microsoft!


In case you missed the live announcement, we’re excited to relay the HUGE news from our friends at Microsoft! At a press event held earlier today in New York, Microsoft unveiled an initiative to support 3D content and experiences broadly across the Windows 10 ecosystem. We're excited about the opportunities that creators will have to capture, create, remix, and share 3D content with the collection of new devices and applications that Microsoft is bringing to life. We think this is a great thing and better yet, we're gonna help make it happen!

One of the central themes for Microsoft's event was “3D for Everyone.” That’s an audacious mission, but a familiar one to SketchUp users. Since the founding of @Last Software and our invention of SketchUp more than seventeen years ago, we’ve been driven by exactly the same mission. We believe that there’s a “creative” inside everyone; a designer in the broadest sense just waiting for permission and opportunity to come out. By removing barriers of usability, learnability, price, and platform we empower a broad range of digital creatives to change the world for the better.

Realistically, “everyone” encapsulates a huge range of users operating across many diverse segments. For example, we’ve always aimed to make SketchUp as simple, friendly, and intuitive as possible while ensuring that it is capable and powerful enough to deliver professional grade output. We are also dedicated to the notion that 3D should be accessible, which is why our products are available in twelve languages and why we offer both paid and free versions of our software. Accessibility is also about making sure things work across a range of platforms and devices. SketchUp and 3D Warehouse are available on the desktop, the web and mobile devices – with support for AR|VR platforms on the way.

We also value openness and collaboration with partners, like Microsoft, who have an interest in helping to embrace and champion “3D for Everyone.” Today, the .SKP file format is supported by a raft of 3D programs that are able to import and/or export SketchUp files, and we invite partnerships that help spread the reach of the 3D Warehouse community (and all the amazing models it has created) to as many people as possible.

Anyone else who believes in the mission of “3D For Everyone” should be excited about the news that Microsoft is dedicated to supporting SketchUp and that models from 3D Warehouse will soon be available to users of Paint, Powerpoint, and beyond. We most certainly are.